The Studio

The studio has a long history. Founded in 1966 by Roger Humber and Rolf M. Vogt, it is one of the oldest photo studios in Basel. In 1985, Roger Humbert took over the studio with Eugen Leu. Eugen Leu led the studio until 2020 under the name Eugen Leu & Partner AG, and in 2020, Thomas Korak joined as a partner. From 2020 to 2023, they worked together under the name Korak Leu AG.

Since January 2024, the studio is now solely managed by Thomas Korak under the name atelierkorak ag.

The studio has always been renowned for its high-quality advertising photography. From photography to retouching, everything is offered in-house.

The photographer, Thomas Korak

I’m a Basel based Swiss photographer.
My fields of interests in photography are food, still life, interiors, landscape and people.

I photograph both analogue and digital. For most shots, I use the digital medium format system (50-100MP). Here, I work with either a Fujifilm camera or a Hasselblad. In the analogue photography, I cover everything from 35mm to 8×10 inches.

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